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Adapt & Succeed

ServiceM8 Launch 2020 focuses on efficiency, customer service, automation & remote working to help your business adapt & succeed.

ServiceM8 Phone

A smart, cloud-based phone system integrated with your ServiceM8 account.

See which client is calling and their job history. Convert recent calls & voicemails to new jobs. Simplify call diversion after hours. Route business calls to ring multiple staff, simultaneously. Transfer to other staff. Record & transcribe calls, and more.

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Caller ID

Any team member can greet clients by name, see their active jobs on screen, and efficiently action the outcome.

Job History

Open the client’s jobs, create a new job directly from a call, or record a Call Summary to an existing job’s Diary.

Record & Transcribe

Phone call recordings and transcripts automatically save to the ServiceM8 job card they’re related to.

Remote Working

Route business calls to multiple staff members, simultaneously. Staff can make & receive calls from anywhere on iPhone, iPad, or online.

Click to Call

Transform how staff work with the Online Dashboard & serve clients over the phone.

Online Booking Text

Text a booking form to a caller in a few taps while they’re on the line, so they can submit the enquiry online.

Remote Customer Signature

To enable remote working and protect your business, you can now produce a PDF Quote or Form requiring the client’s signature, then email it to the client for remote signature, online.

Once signed, the updated PDF will be available in the job Diary.

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Automatic Payment for Recurring Jobs

Collecting payment on site isn’t possible for a lot of Recurring Jobs as the clients often aren’t there, which means they need to manually pay the same recurring invoice, every time. This delays payment and creates administration in monitoring invoices.

Now, clients have the option to pay future Recurring Job invoices automatically. They can set-and-forget their payment, saving everyone’s time and improving your cash flow.  

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Miss handwriting? With the iPad app, you can now write freehand with Apple Pencil into any field in ServiceM8, which will automatically convert to text.

Picture in Picture

Minimise videos playing in ServiceM8 and navigate to other views & apps for multi-tasking, like reviewing a video of the work done while building your invoice.

Back tap

Create Shortcuts into the ServiceM8 app with a tap on the back of your iPhone, like opening the ServiceM8 camera in the job you're checked in to.

Next Job Widget

It’s now possible to permanently save a ‘Next Job’ widget to the Home screen of your device, showing your next scheduled job and when you need to leave.
Tap the widget to jump straight into the job card in ServiceM8.

Job List Widgets

Save any of your job lists, like ‘Unscheduled Jobs’, to your device’s Home screen, making them visible and front-of-mind to keep on top of your jobs.

There are three Jobs List widget sizes to choose from. Tap to open a list directly in ServiceM8, or jump straight to individual job cards.

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Improved Smart List

To save time in the field building invoices, material suggestions are now smarter, and based on material & service usage across all staff members in your account.

Improved Photo Tagging

Tagging photos is an easy way to note the context of a photo for a job’s history. Photos can now be tagged after they’re captured and saved to the job Diary.

Job Diary Unreads

To help keep field staff informed of important updates on a job, new Notes and client replies will be highlighted with a red icon in the Diary button of the job card.

Barcode Scan Support

If you install or service equipment with barcodes, you’ll know that typing in barcode numbers is time-consuming and prone to error.

Now, when completing Forms, creating Assets, or generating a Service, it’s possible to scan barcode numbers in with the ServiceM8 camera, saving time on site and speeding up reporting.

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Multi-Photo Import

Taking photos through ServiceM8 is the best way of ensuring job history is always captured, but sometimes circumstances prevent this workflow.

To help get important photo history into ServiceM8, it’s now possible to import up to 10 photos at a time from your camera roll to a job Diary.

In a job card, open the Job Actions (+) menu, then tap & hold ‘Camera’.

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Social Media Photo Share

Social media is great for showcasing your work, improving your online profile & generating interest.

To make it easy to consistently post eye-catching content, like ‘Before & After’ photos, you can now export up to 10 photos from a job Diary to Facebook or Instagram.  

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Customer Feedback Image

Customer feedback received on the job is automatically converted to a shareable image which can be included in social share posts.

Multi-Lens Support

The ServiceM8 camera has been improved with new quick-zoom actions to help take wide-angle and close shots.

iPad Camera Layout

The camera for the iPad app has been redesigned with a layout better suited for how the device is held.

Video Recording Time

To better capture your work, the maximum length for recording job videos has been doubled to 30 seconds.

Online Booking Tracking

To help understand the services customers are booking online, and optimise your online promotion & marketing, there are new Online Booking reports breaking down service bookings ‘By Source’ and ‘By Service’.

This means you can track bookings coming from your website, social media pages, or specific posts and campaigns, and gain more insight into what’s working.

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Improved Customer Feedback

Your customers’ experience is a major driver in getting more work into the business via referrals and returning customers, so the Customer Feedback Add-on has been improved to make it easier to collect feedback, automatically.

Now, clients will be prompted to provide feedback immediately following online invoice payment.

Google & Facebook Reviews

Until now, the Customer Feedback Add-on has been great for highlighting negative feedback on jobs you need to revisit with the client, but it hasn’t helped make use of all the great feedback coming in.

Now, when customers provide positive feedback, they’ll be invited to post it as a Google or Facebook review for your business, automatically building your online presence and generating work over time.

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Customer Feedback Automation

To ensure every client is given the opportunity to provide feedback and help you improve, there’s a new Customer Feedback Automation. Now, you can automate an email and/or SMS to request feedback on every job after it’s Completed and Paid.

Automatic requests will only send if feedback hasn’t been provided on the job already, ensuring customers aren’t asked twice.

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Online Attachment Visibility

The display of client email replies in the job Diary online has been improved to make attachments easier to see & access.

Email Drafts

Draft emails online now automatically save if you need to close the window. Simply click ‘Email’ to pick up where you left off.

Email Template Attachments

It’s now possible to attach files to Email Templates, helping you save time and systemise.

Email Autocomplete

Some jobs involve emailing various contacts, and their email addresses can be scattered across PDF work orders, email threads and job notes.

To save time and avoid copy/paste workflows, when selecting recipients for an email, you can now autocomplete email addresses found in the job Diary, including Notes, email correspondence, and PDF attachments, as well as the Client’s contacts.

Booking Confirmations

Sending confirmation to clients about their booking is great for helping jobs run smoothly, and ensuring clients have a reference for your business and the booking time.

You can now create a Booking Confirmation template with the Automation Add-on. When activated, the option to ‘Send Booking Confirmation’ is available in the Job Booking view of job cards, to save time and systemise this workflow.

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Trip Time Tracking

Automated Time Tracking has been improved to make it easier to track and charge job time.

Now, when you leave a job address, such as for a trip to a supplier, ServiceM8 will still check you out of the job, but will track your travel and time at the supplier. You will then have the option of adding this ‘Trip’ time to the job in the Check Out process.

Automated Time Tracking can be enabled in Settings > ServiceM8 > Time Tracking.

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Check-In Time Adjustment

With improved Automated Time Tracking, if ServiceM8’s unable to automatically check you into a job, it will still detect when you arrived at your current location, and when you Check In, it will offer to wind the Check In time back accordingly.

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Live Invoice Statements

If you do a lot of work for the same clients, with multiple jobs every week or month, it’s not easy for these clients to review all your invoices and quickly see what they owe.

With Live Statements, you can automatically send clients a link to all outstanding invoices. The statement portal will update as invoices are paid, and new invoices added.

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Location Insights

The new Location Insights Add-on provides instant access to available property photos and floor plans for the job address when creating jobs online.

Internal and external photos, as well as basic floor plans, provide an instant, virtual site visit, enabling you to better understand the property you’re working with, provide great customer service, and work remotely with clients.

Launching with support for Australia & New Zealand.