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Tulsa, Oklahoma


"ServiceM8 has been a stabilizing factor in our business, and it really has helped us grow."

Jeff Wilson

Top 3 Features

Phōs is an electrical, lighting & audio video company which specializes in creating unforgettable atmospheres and environments for their clients in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

The Phōs team pride themselves on their client relationships, and being able to create a shared understanding of what the end result will be, then delivering on those expectations with professional service and immaculate workmanship. 

Established over 20 years ago, Phōs was using paper to keep track of their jobs & clients, until owner Jeff Wilson realized there must be a better way to manage jobs, staff, invoices & customer communication. 

Since discovering ServiceM8 in 2014, it’s been the hub of Phōs’s operations — streamlining their organization, scheduling, customer service, invoicing, and the ability for office and field staff to communicate with ease. 

Connecting to Xero & Stripe has helped Phōs save more time, avoid double-entry and provide their clients a great payment experience. 

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Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson

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