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Gold Coast, Australia

Bond Clean Australia

"The app saves me 30-40k a year in wages. As a small business, those kinds of wages are all considered overhead expenses."

David Holmes

Top 3 Features

Booking Jobs

The program is so easy to use and set up.


While I am on site talking to a client, I have the ability to send them a quote at any time from my phone.

Job History

Every single job that is started, in progress or completed is safely secured and easily accessible by any of our contractors.

Tell us about your business.

Bond Clean Australia specialises in property maintenance and domestic cleaning.  They take pride in their work and their 10-20 contractors are dedicated to offering a first class service to every customer.

Over a year ago, our bookkeeper put us on to using ServiceM8 because of its ease and cost. Since then, we have saved at least 10 hours per week by not needing a full-time bookkeeper; as a result, we’ve seen a 20% decrease in overhead costs.

Our real estate clients rely on us to recall information about our job for routine inspections. We use the job diary to follow-up job information and access job photos. Truthfully we’ve found that ServiceM8 works better and is more efficient than the software the real estate companies use and pay 5k a year for.

Has ServiceM8 brought about time efficiencies?

The app has helped streamline all administration and has increased the productivity of our business. We don’t waste time explaining jobs or arguing over job details. ServiceM8 gives all contractors the ability to access every job on file simply using their PC, iPhone or iPad.

How has ServiceM8 enhanced your business?

It’s really this easy Quote the job; send to client; book the job with contractors; and invoice client once complete.

We love everything about the app. In fact, we’ve already recommended it to 7 other companies. We truly believe every small business in our industry or associated industry should be using ServiceM8.

David Holmes

David Holmes

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