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Christchurch, New Zealand

BakeTech Services

"I was surprised how easy it was for my older technicians to use the app because they don’t even own computers."

Shaun Crossan

Top 3 Features

Job Diary

As soon as the job is logged, it is saved in the work history.


We send quotes to clients and the job may not be secured for another 6 months. With ServiceM8 we have the ability to list these jobs as “pending”; so they aren’t lost or forgotten.


Using the app, we can send service documents via email on or off site, anytime, anywhere!

Tell us about your business.

For over 14 years, Bake Tech Services has specialised in the sale, installation and repair of bakery and food service equipment throughout New Zealand and Asia Pacific.

About a year ago I realised I was fed up with doing paper based jobs. I didn’t want to spend 8 hours a day in the office. The paper method was too manual! I was personally entering every single bit of data. So, I downloaded ServiceM8 to my iPad, and immediately realised the potential it possessed for me and my business.

Has ServiceM8 brought about time efficiencies?

It most certainly saves me time because I don’t have to spend hours looking up prices for supplies. It’s all saved within the app.

How has ServiceM8 enhanced your business?

It has made our business more streamlined and more efficient because things are not being forgotten. Before, all of our jobs were getting completed but not charged and paid. It also used to take 10 days to generate and send invoices to the client. With ServiceM8, now we can invoice within the same day and update the job status instantaneously.

ServiceM8 also makes my technicians more accountable for their time; resulting in a more appropriate cost for customers and a larger incentive value for my workers. For instance, on average our technicians used to earn $2,500 as a bonus every 6 months. Since using the app, this incentive has increased to $4,500! I am more than satisfied with how ServiceM8 has enhanced my business.

Shaun Crossan

Shaun Crossan

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BakeTech Services

"I was surprised how easy it was for my older technicians to use the app because they don’t even own computers."

Shaun Crossan
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