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Recent Updates

Weekly Timesheet Report improvements

May 2019

The Weekly Timesheet report has been simplified to make it easier to see the total hours a staff member was on shift, and review their start and finish times for a given week.

The way the report works has also changed — times shown are now based only on Clock On/Off and Break times, managed via 'My Shift' in the app. Previously, this report's data was based on total time each staff member was Checked In (i.e. Checked In to individual jobs across each day). Check out the Weekly Timesheet help article for more information.

If you need to report on total time staff have Checked In to jobs this information is still available in the Activity Timesheet report.

Can you still download/print the timesheet?

No, the updated Weekly Timesheet data is only available on-screen, Exporting or printing isn't supported.

I use an integrated accounting package, should I use this feature?

No, if you use an integrated accounting package you can send your timesheets data across automatically using the Timesheet Sync Add-on or Deputy. This will save you the manual admin task of entering staff hours.

Updated Weekly Timesheet report