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Upgrade & Save — discounts for existing customers

May 2023

From May 2023, ServiceM8 is introducing discounts for customers considering an upgrade to their plan.

You may start to notice existing subscribers being offered discounts when reviewing their ServiceM8 plan. We’ve introduced these discounts to:

  • Help existing customers try out the value of features/add-ons which are only available on a higher plan e.g. a business on the Starter plan may be interested in the Bundles Add-on, but they might be hesitant to upgrade to the Growing plan. A limited time discount will help them try out new features and experience the additional value of the higher plan.

  • Help customers upgrade to a higher plan, to suit their productivity e.g. if the business is growing and they’re regularly exceeding their plan’s job credits, a limited time discount will help them transition to a higher plan with more job credits, to better suit their needs. 

Discounts will be offered on the next two plans above the customer’s current plan e.g. a customer on the Starter plan might be offered 30% off for 6 months on the Growing plan, and 40% off for 6 months on the Premium plan.

Please note that the offer won't show all of the time, the percentage and length of the discounts may change over time, and the discounts offered will not “stack” with any existing discounts/promotions applied to an account. 

This is being rolled out gradually over the coming weeks, to customers with standard ServiceM8 monthly plan subscriptions.