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Updated Enquiry Management

July 2020

Client enquiries sent through the Partner Directory, or via in-app Partner promotions, now arrive in your ServiceM8 Inbox (in addition to an email notification). Clients will also now get requests for feedback on their Partner experience following an enquiry.


Can I convert enquiries into a job on ServiceM8?

Yes, as the enquiry will be sent to you ServiceM8 inbox you can convert it to a job.

How will I receive the customers feedback?

We are using the ServiceM8 feedback add-on so you will receive feedback through this (make sure you turn the Feedback Add-on on).

Can multiple partners receive enquiries from customers?

Yes, customers can send multiple partners on the partner directory an enquiry.

What happens if an enquiry is not actioned?

The customer will be asked to provide feedback on all partner enquiries they send, so we recommend responding to all enquiries to avoid negative feedback.

How can customers send through partner enquiries?

They can send an enquiry through the Partner directory listing which is linked to from

  • Clicking on a partner listing from the Parter Directory
  • Clicking on an Activity feed post

Can customers pick which partner they send the enquiry to?

Customers can select their partner only through the partner directory, the activity feed posts will suggest a partner for the customer.

What fields does the customer have to fill out for an enquiry?

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Message