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Recent Updates

Several preferences & add-ons have been deprecated

May 2019

What is 'deprecation'?

When a feature or preference is losing relevance and no longer aligns with ServiceM8's long-term direction and values, that feature or preference may become deprecated.

Essentially, deprecated features/preferences won't be available to activate anymore. However, customers who are already using them can continue to do so until they're permanently removed. Affected customers will be notified when a deprecated feature is being permanently removed.

Deprecated features won't receive further development, they won't be supported by future functionality, and any bugs that arise with them won't be fixed.

After a review of preferences, fields & features across ServiceM8, we've deprecated the following:

  • Print Schedule (Dispatch Board): the ability to print schedules was created in ServiceM8's beta stage before there was a ServiceM8 app, so field staff could see their schedule. Its removal is long overdue. Schedules can be viewed in the app and Online Dashboard.
  • BPAY Reference Number Add-on: BPAY has not become a common payment method in ServiceM8 industries, and this add-on does not provide enough value to remain.
  • iOS Contacts Add-on: the iOS Contacts Add-on using CardDAV has been superseded by ServiceM8 Caller ID, which is much simpler to set up & use (go to Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification). More info here.
  • Company Fax Number (Preferences): fax machines are no longer relevant in modern communication. If needed, a fax number can be entered manually into templates.
  • Client Fax Number (Client cards): fax machines are no longer relevant in modern communication. If needed, client fax numbers can be saved as notes in the Client Diary.
  • Payment Tracking (Preferences): the ability to remove the "Awaiting Payment" and "Paid" tabs from the Invoicing page is no longer supported.
  • Quotes should be produced as PDF or .DOCX (Preferences): all Quotes & Invoices will now produce as a PDF, as this is the standard & ideal format for viewing and sharing these documents.
  • Item/Services pricing should be Tax Inclusive or Exclusive (Preferences): the ability to set whether pricing is Tax Inclusive/Exclusive has been removed from Preferences. It's still available in the Account Setup Wizard, and the setting can be toggled in the Quotes & Invoicing tab of a Job Card.
  • Xero Supplier Sync (Preferences): there will no longer be an option for Suppliers in a connected Xero account to be imported & synced as Clients in ServiceM8.