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ServiceM8 Updates

June 2019

To help streamline how we keep Partners and customers informed about changes in ServiceM8, we're introducing a new in-account update system.

When noteworthy changes and updates become live in your account, you’ll see the ‘Updates pop-up’ in your Online Dashboard on login, containing an overview of each update and links to the Updates page for more information:

An account will only be notified of new updates via this pop-up when the update/s are live and accessible in that account. Generally, ServiceM8 Partner accounts will be the first to receive new updates, with rollout to customer accounts occurring gradually over the following weeks. The Updates pop-up can be accessed at all other times under the Help icon in the top-right of the Online Dashboard:

Updates can be categorised as a Major Feature, Minor Feature, Update or Partner Update. Partner Updates (like this one) are only visible in Partner accounts, and will generally contain updates which are only relevant or noteworthy for ServiceM8 Partners.