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Recent Updates

ServiceM8 Phone Improvements

September 2021

Last year saw the launch of ServiceM8 Phone, a cloud-based phone system integrated with your clients and jobs.

With over 2 million calls and counting, we’re releasing a range of improvements to make ServiceM8 Phone more powerful in saving time and providing great service.

Return Call Routing

When clients miss a technician’s call, then call straight back, they’ll be automatically routed straight back to the technician. Learn More

Secondary Call Group

Set a second group as a fallback to receive calls when staff in the Primary Call Group are engaged or busy. Learn More

Hold Music

ServiceM8 Phone online now comes with default music when you put callers on hold. You can also upload a custom audio file.  

AI Call Summary

An advanced AI now summarises phone calls into a sentence, automatically, saving the key points of the call for easy reference.

Call Transcription Improvements

The quality of call transcriptions has been improved, with better recognition of names, locations and industry-specific terms.

Copy Number

It’s now possible to copy a contact’s phone number in the App, for times when you’re out of internet connectivity. Just tap & hold.