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Premium Leads

July 2020

Introducing a new way for customers to discover and connect with Partners, triallers can now request a 15-minute call with a Partner, directly from their account. Available exclusively to Gold and Silver Partners, Premium Leads are automatically assigned to an eligible Partner. Leads are sent directly to your ServiceM8 Inbox for acceptance and conversion to a job, saving on data entry.


Is there an SLA ?

Yes, calls must be made within 48 hours of receiving the lead.

Who gets to receive 15 minute calls?

Silver and Gold partners that have completed the 15 minute calls training and opted into receiving them.

How do I opt into 15 minute calls?

15 minute calls are available for silver and gold partners, eligible partners will have a premium leads setting appear in their partner program preferences. After the training is completed click on the update setting button to opt in or opt out of the calls.

When do I make the call?

Make the call as soon as possible while the lead is still hot.

How do customers book a call?

Customers have a banner appear in their account offering them a 15 minute call, when they click the book a call button, they fill out their contact details and it gets sent to a partner.

What is the life of the offer? (how long can customers get it for)

It is available for the first 7 days of their trial.

How does it work for customers that are already connected to a partner?

15 Minute calls are only offered to customers that are not yet connected to a partner.