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Phone Number Porting

March 2021

It’s now possible to port your business’s landline number to ServiceM8 Phone. 

Previously, the only way to use ServiceM8 Phone with a pre-existing business phone number involved setting up a call diversion, forwarding all calls made to your established number onto your new ServiceM8 Phone number. 

This also meant you needed to maintain the service with the service provider you have the established phone number with, which ultimately costs more.

Not anymore!

Now, you can “port” your landline number from your existing service provider to ServiceM8 Phone. More than one phone number can be ported to ServiceM8. 

The porting process involves authorising the transfer of each number from your current carrier to ServiceM8. Eligibility requirements and fees apply — see the help article here to learn more.

Learn more about porting.

ServiceM8 Phone is available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. To learn more about what ServiceM8 Phone can do to help your communication & professionalism, check out