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Recent Updates

Partner Dashboard Improvements

May 2024

We're introducing several minor improvements to the Partner Dashboard to help manage clients, invite acceptance & Store Items:

All Business Owners can accept invites

Now, when you send an invite, all users in the client’s account with a Business Owner role (not just the Account Owner) will receive both a notification & an email alerting them to your access request.

Acceptance notifications

When a client accepts, you’ll receive both a notification & an email that your invite’s been accepted, whether it’s a first-time request, or an access renewal request.

'My Clients' sort order

Your client list will now sort & show in order of “invite acceptance date”, with the most recent clients you’ve connected with (or re-connected with) showing first.

Form/Add-on submission status

There’s a new “Approval Status” column in your Store Items list, letting you know the status of Forms or Add-ons you’ve submitted for listing. The statuses are Draft, Pending, Declined & Approved.

‘Industry’ category for Forms

In the “Modify Store Item” page when submitting a Form for listing, there’s a new ‘Industry’ dropdown letting you specify whether the Form is for a particular industry. This will feed into a future ‘Industry’ filter & prioritisation system in the public Form Store, to make it easier for customers to discover Forms made specifically for their industry.