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Recent Updates

Next Job Number & Job Number Suffix have moved

May 2019

These tools have been hidden in customer accounts in the interest of simplifying Preferences and avoiding common issues. Customers can still set Next Job Numbers, Prefixes & Suffixes via HelpMe Wizard links found in the Help Centre.

Why have they been hidden?

Both of these fields are easy to use incorrectly and can cause issues for a new or existing user. Given the issues that can occur by changing job numbers for an existing account, it makes sense to not have these tools easily accessible.

Can customers still change these preferences?

Customers can still set these preferences using special HelpMe links found in Help Centre articles. By making this only available through help articles there is less chance of the fields being changed accidentally, as we have more opportunity to explain how the tools should be used.

Customers can still set the 'Next job number' preference as a part of the Account Cleanup wizard when they are ready to go live.