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Multiple Partner Connections

July 2020

To reflect the realities of different Partners supporting the same client, it’s now possible for multiple Partners to remain connected to an account at once. This enables better Partner support and allows different types of Partners to work together and recommend one another, without losing their account connection.


When does an account require more than 1 partner?

There are a number of reasons a customer might require multiple partners to be connected to their account. They may have a VA/Bookkeeper/Accountant/store item creator that needs access to their account but they have engaged another partner for setup and training, a customer may also require support for Forms or a third party add-on.

How does the customer disconnect from me or another partner?

Customers can disconnect by Selecting the “disconnect” button on the staff menu.

Who receives commission for the customer?

The first partner connected to an account when the customer books 100 jobs gets the commission. Commission is not eligible when:

  • Another partner connected to the account earlier.
  • The customer has booked over 100 jobs when the partner connects.

How many partners can be connected to one account?

There is no limit on the number of connected partners.

Which partner gets status credits for the connection?

Any partner connected to an account will receive status credits while they stay connected and the customer is active.

How do I know if I am eligible for commission?

When doing the invite wizard you will be notified that the commission is not available due to 1 of 2 reasons

  • Another partner is connected
  • Customer has booked over 100 jobs

Otherwise you will be eligible and the wizard will specify that.

Which partner appears on the ‘Ask My Partner ‘ help menu?

The partner who was the earliest connected.