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Recent Updates

Multi-Staff Bookings

September 2019

Streamlining the booking of jobs which require more than one team member, new Multi-Staff Booking functionality means you can easily schedule multiple staff to a job at once.

When you drag-and-drop a team booking, all attached bookings will move with it. ServiceM8 will even suggest teams of staff you book together often, making multi-staff scheduling even faster.

Jobs can be scheduled to multiple staff members from inside a job card, or straight from the Staff Schedules or Calendar views online.

The ability to schedule jobs to multiple staff members in a single, efficient workflow is also now available in the ServiceM8 app.

Jobs can be assigned to multiple team members in the Job Booking view, identified in the job card, and can be dragged-and-dropped in the Schedule tab of the iPad app.

Learn more about multi-staff booking in the App and Online Dashboard.