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Mac & PC Desktop App — Sign in with Apple, Xero or Intuit

April 2022

If you currently log into ServiceM8 online using your Apple, Xero or Intuit accounts, you can now use the new ServiceM8 Desktop app for Mac & PC.

The latest version of the ServiceM8 Desktop app now supports ‘Sign in with Apple’, ‘Xero Sign In’ and ‘Intuit Sign In’.  

Here’s how it works:

  • Download (or update) the ServiceM8 Desktop app on your PC or Mac, open, then click ‘Sign In’
  • The Desktop app will open a web browser to complete the login process. Click your Apple, Xero or Intuit sign in button, as you normally would, and log in
  • A pop-up box will appear asking you to click ‘Open ServiceM8’
  • You’ll be logged in on the Desktop app

The Desktop app is also available for all users that log in with standard email + password credentials. Note that the Desktop app does not support ServiceM8 Phone.

What is the ServiceM8 Desktop app?

We believe the speed of a solution makes a huge difference in how it feels, and how effective it can be.

To help you work faster in the office, you can now download and install ServiceM8 to your Mac or PC, like any other software, providing a faster, focused experience.

Mac — Download the ServiceM8 Desktop app

PC — Download the ServiceM8 Desktop app

ServiceM8 Desktop app on MacBook Pro

Download on the Mac App Store
Get it from Microsoft