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Mac & PC Desktop App — ServiceM8 Phone

June 2022

The latest ServiceM8 Desktop app for Mac & PC now supports ServiceM8 Phone!

ServiceM8 Phone on MacBook Pro

With ServiceM8 Desktop, everything looks the same as the online, web-based dashboard, but the ServiceM8 Desktop app is:


Pages and job cards load faster, and search results appear quicker.


No browser tabs or clutter! The amount you use ServiceM8 in the office deserves a full screen, focused view of your jobs & clients for you to work with.

Easier to use

Being a standalone app, you can instantly see the ServiceM8 icon and open the app with a click from your computer’s taskbar. You’ll also stay logged in (just like the mobile iOS app), meaning you can just sit down, open your computer and start working.

ServiceM8 Desktop app = faster load times

Getting started with the Desktop app

  • Download (or update) the ServiceM8 Desktop app on your PC or Mac, open, then click ‘Sign In’
  • The Desktop app will open a web browser to complete the login process
  • A pop-up box will appear asking you to click ‘Open ServiceM8’, then
  • You’ll be logged in on the Desktop app
  • Get it from Microsoft
    Download on the Mac App Store

    To start using  the Desktop app with ServiceM8 Phone, once installed, go to the app’s top menu and click File > ServiceM8 Phone Settings, and set your microphone:

    ServiceM8 Phone Settings on Desktop app
    Where you set your microphone to use ServiceM8 Phone on the Desktop app

    Learn more about ServiceM8 Phone