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Recent Updates

Live Statements Improvements

September 2022

Live Statements are a simple, automated way to send your high-volume clients all their outstanding invoices. This year, we’ve made Live Statements easier to use, and more compatible, while providing a better experience for your clients.

Show on Statement without Sending Invoice

To avoid the need to send clients every invoice before it shows on their statement, invoices will also show if they’ve been Approved. Learn More.

Bulk Activate Clients for Live Statements

It’s easier to activate Live Statements, and for multiple clients at once. In Clients, tick or bulk select, then Actions > Apply Live Statements.

See Scheduled & Processed Statements

The breakdown of scheduled & processed Live Statements has been improved, including the recipients and ability to cancel.

Last 14 Days of Paid Invoices

The time a client’s recently paid invoices will remain on their Live Statement has been increased from two days, to two weeks.

Send Statement Link

You can now include the new {statement} merge field link in your email & SMS templates, so you can manually send and follow-up statements as well. Learn more.

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How to upgrade to ServiceM8 11

The latest ServiceM8 app for iPhone/iPad is now available to download on the App Store. Updates to the Online Dashboard are rolling out — if you haven't been auto-updated yet, you can activate ServiceM8 11 via the green banner in Settings.