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Jobs View & Smart Lists

September 2021

A powerful new mission control for focusing on the jobs needing your attention, and maintaining complete visibility of every job in your business. New, customisable Smart Lists provide even more control, helping you go to the next level of efficiency and service.

Jobs scheduled to you Today only, plus queued jobs assigned to you, so you can focus & get more done in your day.

All jobs where you’ve been @Mentioned in a note, making it easier to communicate & save important job details.

My Tasks

All jobs with Tasks assigned to you, showing the individual tasks in the same view to see at a glance.


Jobs containing unactioned Email or Text replies from clients, helping you provide fast response times.

My Queued Jobs

Jobs assigned to you in a queue, helping you focus on completing off-site work needed to progress jobs.


Add, remove or re-order Smart Lists in your Jobs view to suit what you need to work smarter, every day.