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Recent Updates

Job Allocations Improvements

September 2022

The Job Allocations Add-on is a simple but powerful tool for optimising your scheduling efficiency and flexibility, by allocating jobs to staff which don’t require a fixed-time booking. We've made Job Allocations faster to use, more intuitive & more powerful.

Better Visibility of Allocated Jobs

Allocated jobs now show on the Staff Schedule, just like fixed-time bookings, giving you the full picture of a tech’s schedule & capacity.

Drag-n-Drop Instant Allocation

Instantly allocate jobs during Business Hours. Just drag, hover and drop the job onto the shortcut box on the far-right in Staff Schedules.

Stack-and-Shuffle around Fixed-Time Bookings

Allocated jobs automatically stack and shuffle around fixed-time bookings on the Staff Schedule, to keep themselves visible.

Prioritisation Order

Drag allocated jobs left and right to prioritize a staff member’s schedule, which will update the display order in the app.

Recurring Jobs & Allocations

Activated Recurring Jobs which are scheduled in an allocation window (e.g. Early Morning) will also show on the Staff Schedule.

Email & SMS Template Support

Use the ‘Next Scheduled Booking Time’ merge field in your templates to autofill the time window in customer emails & texts. Learn how.

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How to upgrade to ServiceM8 11

The latest ServiceM8 app for iPhone/iPad is now available to download on the App Store. Updates to the Online Dashboard are rolling out — if you haven't been auto-updated yet, you can activate ServiceM8 11 via the green banner in Settings.