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Recent Updates

Customer Feedback Automation & Improvements

October 2020

Improved Customer Feedback Add-on

Your customers’ experience is a major driver in getting more work into the business via referrals and returning customers, so the Customer Feedback Add-on has been improved to make it easier to collect feedback, automatically.

Now, clients will be prompted to provide feedback immediately following online invoice payment.

Customer Feedback Automation

To ensure every client is given the opportunity to provide feedback and help you improve, there’s a new Customer Feedback Automation. Now, you can automate an email and/or SMS to request feedback on every job after it’s Completed and Paid.

Automatic requests will only send if feedback hasn’t been provided on the job already, ensuring customers aren’t asked twice.

Social Share Image

Customer feedback received on the job is automatically converted to a shareable image & saved to the job Diary, which can be included in social share posts.

Customer Feedback Reports

To help track and improve your customer service over time there’s a new Feedback ‘By Month’ report, as well as a 28-day rolling average in the Business Dashboard.

Average Customer Feedback snapshot in the Business Dashboard of the Reports tab online.

Customer Feedback 'By Month' in the Reports tab online.