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Improved Partner Referrals

July 2020

The Referral link system has been updated to improve the user experience and offer clients an incentive to use it. The link now directs to a custom sign-up page with your Partner branding, and new accounts created through this process get 15% off for 6 months. Further, clients can opt to share their contact details with the referring Partner, so you can reach out and help them get started.


What happens when a customer clicks on my referral link?

Customer is taken to a ServiceM8 sign up page that is branded with your details and 15% discount offer.

Where can I use the Referral link?

You can use your referral link on campaigns you run, or on your website, really wherever you want to advertise a sign up.

Am I auto connected to customers that sign up using my referral link?

No, you will still have to send an invite to the customer before you are connected to their account.

Do I get details of the customer that signs up using my link?

Yes, If the customer opts to pass on their details, you will receive an inbox message with the customers details, so that they can reach out to them.

If a customer signs up using my referral link are they eligible for any other promotions?

The customer will get your partner sign up discount unless they click on a new discount link prior to subscribing. For example, mid year campaign.

Where do I get my referral link?

You Partner referral link will be inside of you ServiceM8 account on you partner program page, the same place it is listed currently.

Has my current link been changed, will I need to update it where it is currently listed?

No, your link is the same as it always has been you won’t need to update it.

Do all partners get a referral link?

Yes, All certified partners will have access to their own referral link

What information is included on the sign up page ?

  • Discount offer
  • Partners Logo
  • partners names
  • do you want to pass on your details to partner
  • Sign Up fields
  • Pricing Information
  • Key feature details