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Improved Connection Management

July 2020

To improve security and visibility around Partner connections, clients can now manage Partner access in their Staff settings, and can remove a Partner’s access without disconnecting them from the account. For clients you’re not actively working with, access will auto-expire after 60 days, which can be requested again when needed.


How long do I have access to my clients accounts for?

You will have access to an account for 60 days from the last time you accessed the account then your access auto expires, unless the customer disables access before the 60 days is up.

When will I lose access to my clients account after new updates are active on their account?

60 days after you have not accessed their account after it has been updated.

For customers that take a long time to get started, when will my access expire?

Partners access will expire 60 days once the account has created 100 jobs.

When will commission payments stop?

When the customer disconnects you from their account or you disconnect from the customer. Commission payments will continue if you stay connected but your access is disabled.

What access do I have to my clients accounts ?

You will have full access to accounts, as you do now you have ‘business owner’ security role.

You will not be able to access the account owner changes or activity history, cancelling the account or selecting/changing the subscription. Partners will also not be able to accept other partner invites.

Partners will have access to Add an account owner Email address and password when they create the account so that they can pass the account over once it has been set up.

What is the difference between disabling access and disconnecting a partner?

Disabling access keeps you (the partner) connected, you still earn revenue share (if eligible) and maintain your status credits but you cannot access the customer's account until access is Enabled by the customer.

Disconnecting removes you completely from customers account, you no longer will receive revenue share and will lose status credits, you will be removed from customer staff list, customer will be removed from your client list.

How does a customer disconnect from me?

Customers can disconnect from you by clicking the ‘Disconnect’ button in the staff list, they will be taken through a disconnection wizard.

How does a customer remove me from accessing their account?

If the customer wants to keep you as their support partner but disable your access they can click the ‘disable access’ button in their staff list.

How do I regain access to an account ?

Customers can Enable your access from the staff menu, or you can request access to account from you client list by clicking the “request access” button. A banner will appear inside the customer's account saying that you have requested access and they have the option to approve or deny the access request.

Can a customer restrict the type of access I have to their account?

If you have access to a customer's account you will have full access, however, you will not be able to access the account owner settings, activity history, change subscription or cancel account.

No further access can be amended but the access can be disabled at anytime by the customer.

CanI request access to an account I have been disconnected from?

No, once you have been disconnected from an account, the customer will be removed from your client list so they will not be able to request access. To regain access to the account you have to send a new partner invite.

What's the difference between a staff member and a partner?

Staff will always have access to the account dependent on their security level and are invited/created by the business owner.

Partners only have temporary access and access a customer's account via their partner portal and must send an invite to the customer to gain access to their account.

Can I have access to an account that never expires?

Your access will not expire if you are accessing the account within 60 days and the customer does not remove your access.

Can a customer ask me to connect/add me as their partner ?

No, you have to send an invite to the customer to connect.