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Forms & Add-ons Revenue Increased to 90%

February 2022

We’ve upgraded your Partner account from 70% to 90% revenue share on all Forms and Add-ons you sell in the Form & Add-on stores.

Forms and Add-ons are a powerful part of the ServiceM8 solution for small businesses. Forms can help technicians finish job admin and reporting on site, in areas of job documentation, compliance, certification, safety & risk assessment, customer service and more. Add-ons extend the power of ServiceM8 to solve more problems for particular requirements, workflows or industries. 

As a ServiceM8 Partner, listing Forms & Add-ons for sale in ServiceM8 is a great way you can help trades & service businesses at scale, and leverage your ServiceM8 expertise to generate additional income.

To help you invest in listing more Forms & Add-ons for sale, we’ve increased the revenue share to ServiceM8 Partners to 90% of each sale.

The remaining 10% goes to ServiceM8 — you can simply set your sale price, ServiceM8 will manage the payment process, and you’ll receive a monthly payout for your sales via Stripe.