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Recent Updates

Customer Payment Terms Improvements

May 2019

In the past, the Customer Payment Terms Add-on has offered a way to set non-standard invoice payment terms for specific clients, while maintaining a default payment term for all regular jobs & clients coming through your ServiceM8 account.

Two things have changed around setting customer payment terms in ServiceM8:

1. There are four new terms available to choose from:

  • 45 days.
  • 60 days.
  • 20 days EOM (End of Month) i.e. the 20th day of the month after job completion.
  • 30 days EOM (End of Month) i.e. the 30th day of the month after job completion.

These new payment terms will sync the due date to a connected accounting package, based on the Job Completion date in ServiceM8.

Adding lengthy payment terms such as these was not a decision we took lightly, as they do not promote fast payment and cashflow. However, they’ve been added because corporate and government clients often dictate these long payment terms to small businesses, and not having these options creates additional issues and administration.

We recommend only applying these lengthy payment terms to a client when there is no choice to use your default, short payment terms e.g. 7 days.

2. Removal of the Customer Payment Terms Add-on

The ability to apply non-standard payment terms to clients no longer requires activation of the Customer Payment Terms Add-on. This add-on has been removed and the Payment Terms drop-down is now available as standard in a Client Card.

To apply a Payment Term to a client, in the Online Dashboard, go to Clients > Open Client > Billing Details & click the Payment Terms drop down. Learn more.