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Recent Updates

Client List Improvements

July 2020

The Clients list has been improved, making it easier to use and providing more information. You can now search for clients, and filter by Subscription or Usage status, making it easy to identify triallers and those who may need help.


What information is available on the client list?

  • Customer business name
  • Date last accessed
  • Subscription
  • Usage status
  • Access status

What can you filter on the client list?

  • Subscription
  • Usage status

What does each usage status mean?

  • Active: Job booked in the last 7 days
  • In-Active: No jobs booked in the last 7 days

What is Access Status ?

Access status is whether or not the partner has access to the customers account.

When does account access expire?

Account access will expire automatically if the partner hasn't accessed the account after 60 days, alternately the customer can disable the access at anytime they wish.

How do I get access to an account after it has expired ?

You can request access through the partner dashboard, alternately customers can reinstate access to you from the staff menu.

Will I know what plan my clients are on?

Yes, you will be able to see which plan your customers are on by looking at the client dashboard or the client list.

What does the last accessed date refer to?

This date refers to the last time you accessed the customers accounts.