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Client Dashboard

July 2020

A new client dashboard providing more information, insights and tools to better support connected clients. View key account setup and usage information, get account-specific Health Checks highlighting potential usage issues, see activated add-ons, extend trials and more, all in one place.


What account information is available on the dashboard?

  • Business Name
  • Account Owner Name
  • Account owner email
  • Date last job booked
  • Plan type
  • Accounting package
  • Industry
  • Add-ons activated
  • Trusted Advisor Health checks

What trusted advisor alerts do I get in the client dashboard?

  • Multiple unscheduled jobs
  • No jobs being booked/created
  • Not integrated to accounting package
  • Jobs not sent through to accounting package
  • Not using add-ons

What tools do I have access to?

  • Extend Trial
  • Create a ticket on behalf of client
  • Apply promotion

How do I disconnect from Clients?

There is a “Cancel connection” button on the dashboard.

When will I have access to the dashboard?

When you send an invite to a customer and they accept or when you create the account for the  customer.

How do I know when a client disconnects ? Can I still see their dashboard once they disconnect?

If a customer removes you as their partner, you will get an email advising you that it has happened. The client will also be removed from your client list, and you will no longer have access to their dashboard.

Will I know what plan my clients are on?

Yes, you will be able to see which plan your customers are on by looking at the client dashboard or the client list.

What is Access Status ?

Access status is whether or not you have access to the customers account.

When does account access expire?

Account access will expire automatically if you haven't gone into an account after 60 days, alternately the customer can cancel the access.

How do I get access to an account after it has expired ?

You can request access through the partner dashboard, alternately customers can reinstate access from the staff menu.