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September 2022

A new way to streamline and systemise your pricing, quoting & invoicing. You can now roll several items of labour, materials or services into a preset ‘bundle’, with a single description for clients to see on your quotes & invoices.

Bundles makes it easier to accurately charge for your services and systemise your pricing, while guiding your clients to focus on the value and outcomes they’re paying for.

Save Time & Systemise

Build fixed-price bundles to streamline quoting & invoicing, and systemise pricing of your popular service components & options.

Search & Add Bundles

You can easily search a Bundle by number or keyword (just like normal), to add them to jobs.

View Bundle Contents

Hover over a Bundle to quick-view its contents, and click to open it up.

Optimise per Job

Make one-off changes to a Bundle to suit the job — add or delete items, adjust quantities or modify pricing.

Help Clients Focus on Value & Outcomes

Set a customer-facing description for each Bundle, to help clients understand the value of your services.

Keep Pricing Current

Bundle items will automatically update from your Materials & Services database, so your pricing is always up-to-date.

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How to use the Bundles Add-on

How to upgrade to ServiceM8 11

The latest ServiceM8 app for iPhone/iPad is now available to download on the App Store. Updates to the Online Dashboard are rolling out — if you haven't been auto-updated yet, you can activate ServiceM8 11 via the green banner in Settings.