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Automated Timesheet Sync Improvements | Online

September 2022

To make payroll and exporting technician shift times to your accounting software easier, we’ve improved the Automated Timesheet Sync Add-on. You can now round shift durations, choose from more pay frequencies, and include/exclude Break time.

Round Shift Durations

A simple rounding option so you don’t have to edit this in your accounting package later.

Include/Exclude Breaks

Set whether you want to include or exclude Break time from total shift durations exported to your accounting software.

Choose from more Frequencies

Support for more payroll calendar frequencies, now including weekly, fortnightly & monthly.

Xero UK & NZ Support

The Automated Timesheet Sync Add-on now supports Xero users in the United Kingdom & New Zealand.

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How to send shift times to Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks as a timesheet

How to upgrade to ServiceM8 11

The latest ServiceM8 app for iPhone/iPad is now available to download on the App Store. Updates to the Online Dashboard are rolling out — if you haven't been auto-updated yet, you can activate ServiceM8 11 via the green banner in Settings.