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Critical Information Summary (UK)

ServiceM8 Phone: Connect Plan

ServiceM8 Phone extends the power of your ServiceM8 job management with a smart cloud phone system, enabling you to provide great customer experiences, streamline phone call workflows, and drive productive outcomes from phone enquiries. 

ServiceM8 Phone is a cloud-based VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone service which enables you to make and receive phone calls over the internet via broadband or cellular/mobile data. ServiceM8 Phone is an optional, complementary service to the ServiceM8 job management solution, to which an active subscription is required in order to use ServiceM8 Phone.


£15 per month, including 500 minutes of inbound (received) calls, and outbound calls, through ServiceM8 Phone. Calls in excess of 500 minutes are charged at 3p/minute. Internal team calls are unlimited.

Minimum term & minimum monthly charge

Subscription to ServiceM8 Phone is month-to-month, with no lock-in terms. The minimum cost is £15 per month for ServiceM8 Phone.

If you pay for ServiceM8 under a capped pricing plan (e.g. the Starter, Growing, or Premium plan), payment under the Connect ServiceM8 Phone plan is pro-rata in advance for the first monthly charge in the first partial month, after which the £15 monthly charge is paid up front, in advance. 

If you pay for ServiceM8 under the legacy per-job pricing plan, payment under the Connect ServiceM8 Phone plan is paid monthly in arrears.

ServiceM8 Phone payment is charged to your credit card, included in your monthly ServiceM8 subscription payment and invoice.

What’s included

  • The ServiceM8 Phone service, enabling calls to standard landline and mobile numbers only within your country. 
  • Access to the ServiceM8 Phone app (download on the iOS App Store).
  • Access to the ServiceM8 Phone Chrome Extension (download on the Chrome Web Store). 
  • Caller ID for clients saved in your integrated ServiceM8 account.
  • Simultaneous ringing for all staff in your Business Hours Call Group. 
  • Voicemail functionality and playback.
  • After hours call diversion.
  • One-to-one team calling functionality between staff members of the same ServiceM8 account.
  • Call reports in the ServiceM8 Online Dashboard & Activity Feed. 
  • 1 x allocated ServiceM8 landline phone number (non-customisable). 
  • Integration to ServiceM8. 
  • Access to ServiceM8 online help resources, livechat support & email support.
  • 500 minutes of inbound (received) calls, and outbound calls, through ServiceM8 Phone. If you exceed your plan's minutes, additional minutes will be charged at a rate of 3p/minute.
  • Unlimited internal team calls through ServiceM8 Phone.

Visit for more information.

What’s not included

  • International phone calls (not supported with ServiceM8 Phone). 
  • Calls to non-standard and premium rate phone numbers (not supported with ServiceM8 Phone).
  • Broadband or mobile internet access services. 
  • Phone hardware, such as mobile and desktop handsets, or wired/wireless headsets.
  • Support/integration for any existing desktop phone handsets or hardware. 
  • Direct phone support to configure or troubleshoot ServiceM8 Phone.
  • Porting is not supported on the Connect plan i.e. you cannot "port" a pre-existing landline phone number from other carriers/service providers, to ServiceM8 Phone. This is only available on the Unlimited plan.


  • A separate, paid subscription to a ServiceM8 plan for the ServiceM8 job management solution.
  • iOS mobile devices (i.e. iPhones or cellular-enabled iPads) for all field team members required to use ServiceM8 Phone, capable of running the current iOS mobile operating system.
  • Mobile internet (data) connectivity for all relevant iOS mobile devices (Recommended: 4G, Minimum: two bars of 3G). 
  • Fast, consistent & reliable internet for all desktop computers required to use ServiceM8 Phone via the ServiceM8 Online Dashboard & Chrome Extension. 
  • Audio output & microphone input for all desktop computers required to use ServiceM8 Phone (Recommended: headset w/microphone). 

Managing your ServiceM8 Phone service

ServiceM8 Phone can be configured and managed via the ServiceM8 Online Dashboard only. Activate in Settings > ServiceM8 Add-ons > ServiceM8 Phone. Following activation you can access your settings and call history in Settings > ServiceM8 Phone. 

To cease using ServiceM8 Phone and cancel your ServiceM8 Phone plan, deactivate the add-on via the ServiceM8 Online Dashboard in Settings > ServiceM8 Add-ons > ServiceM8 Phone. 

Other information

Call forwarding: the optional practice of forwarding calls made to a separate, pre-existing phone number (e.g. an established number for your business) onto your ServiceM8 Phone number, requires you maintain the service for the pre-existing number, and separately configure the forwarding of calls from your pre-existing number to your new ServiceM8 Phone number. 

Should you opt to forward calls from a pre-existing number to your ServiceM8 Phone number, you should check with the relevant service provider what charges may apply for forwarding these calls. 

As an alternative, it is possible to port a pre-existing number from another service provider to ServiceM8, but not immediately on starting with ServiceM8 Phone — this is only available on the Unlimited plan, and additional eligibility criteria apply.

Outbound Caller ID & pre-existing numbers: note that the option to set your outbound Caller ID to an existing number does not support all types of numbers. International or special service numbers cannot be set as your ServiceM8 Phone outbound Caller ID number.

High-risk settings & emergency services: ServiceM8 Phone is not designed or intended for use in high-risk settings, and should not be used or relied upon for calls to emergency service providers e.g. 000 in Australia, 999 in the United Kingdom or 911 in the United States of America. You will need to maintain a regular, accessible telephone service in all settings where dialling of emergency services may be required.

Call recording & local laws: ServiceM8 Phone includes functionality to record and transcribe phone calls. Please note that local laws may require that you inform, or gain consent from, all parties to a phone call in order to record the call. 

Acceptable Use Policy: the ServiceM8 Phone service, including but not limited to any “unlimited” ServiceM8 Phone usage included in this plan, is subject to ServiceM8’s Acceptable Use Policy. 

ServiceM8 reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to impose limits on any ServiceM8 Phone subscription, or suspend access to ServiceM8 Phone, if it believes the number of phone calls/minutes and/or the nature of phone calls made or received are not consistent with normal, fair, reasonable or legal use of the ServiceM8 Phone service, or is detrimentally interfering with the integrity of the service’s infrastructure. Wherever possible, ServiceM8 will make contact in writing before taking any such action.

Further terms: in addition to the information and terms presented in this Critical Information Summary, use of the ServiceM8 Phone service is also subject to ServiceM8’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Service Level Agreement


If you have any questions about ServiceM8 Phone, including configuration, technical support, or a complaint about your service, please contact ServiceM8 Support via live chat at, via your Online Dashboard in Home > Help > Contact Support Team, or via email at

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