May 27, 2016

Performance of contractors using app technology

ServiceM8 was launched in 2010, when co-founder and CEO Kim Ford identified a genuine need for a field service app that would streamline job management and back office administrative functions for local services contractors. The app now has invoiced over 3 billion dollars and has managed millions of jobs. As a result, the company can provide exceptional insight into the trends, patterns and profile of field service business operations from a bigger picture perspective. This important snapshot can also help ServiceM8 and other mobility apps promote the benefits of using digital solutions in the workplace, to those business owners who are sceptical of changing to an online system.


The ServiceM8 consumer insight shows that over the last million ServiceM8 jobs, there has been over 10 years of administration time recorded. Admin is a precious resource requirement and the backbone of small businesses  - and whilst managers have a general idea of the time involved in supporting work orders and processing jobs, much of the admin time was ‘invisible’ and untracked, if not using a solution like ServiceM8. Overwhelming feedback from customers shows that their admin time is higher than they expected, so using the App means they can include the real admin costs in their overheads. Using ServiceM8 has also seen a reduction of paperwork by 50%. This improved transparency into the real status of the business is being well received by ServiceM8 users. Gor Ilbekyants, owner of Excel Repair Service says the benefits are trickling down to customers as well as the bottom line:


“Having everything in once place and easily accessible, provides a huge support to us. We can look up old notes and pictures so the customer gets a great experience, and it also helps with our record keeping. Being able to quote and provide an invoice whilst with the customer means we are so much quicker - for small business owners, this kind of resource is a game changer, as you provide a better, more responsive service for customers."


ServiceM8’s revolutionary instant access to ‘paperwork’ online enables managers to check jobs in real time and improves the tracking of hours, including admin time. Some of the new features mean businesses are able to store notes, photos and pricing/initial quotes in one, easily accessible place so customers also get a better experience as well as a holistic job profile being recorded.


By working with real job costs and the real time taken to complete jobs by using a mobility app, businesses are becoming more time efficient. The consumer insight also shows that in the first 90 days of using ServiceM8, customers are seeing a 30% increase in jobs/revenue. Feedback from customers indicates that this is due to the streamlining of jobs, better clarity on field service operations and slicker job management from start to finish, allowing managers to book more work in the same timescales.


ServiceM8 is also able to integrate to Intuit’s Quickbooks Online whilst on the job site, so there is no delay in customers receiving their paperwork. The consumer insight indicates ServiceM8 users see an immediate improvement of payment timescales, as the average payment time has reduced from 39 days to 9 days for businesses new to ServiceM8. Essentially, for those small businesses that are taking the leap of faith into the digital age, they see the benefits positively impacting their bottom line from the get-go.


The ServiceM8 app gives small businesses access to a world-class field services management system without them having to invest in expensive software or incur prohibitive set-up fees, and staff can just download it to their iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch and be ready for the next job, wherever they are. ServiceM8 is an Apple mobility partner, ensuring the development of best-in-class and exclusive experiences for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch with more polished and user-friendly designs. The recent findings from ServiceM8’s consumer insight research indicates that the software development is moving the way founder Kim Ford expected:


“We started ServiceM8 to make a genuine difference to small business owners. By embracing the digital age, using ServiceM8’s numerous features such as GPS, maps, photos and easy quote and payment systems online, owners can now focus on improving revenue and managing profit, confident in the knowledge that their business is being managed and reported professionally. This gives them the time to make sure their customers are happy and grow the business where needed”.

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About ServiceM8:

ServiceM8 is a field service management app for local services contractors which empowers small business to thrive. It combines best-in-class technology, the power of the cloud, mobility solutions and smart job management systems and processes. With powerful communication, job dispatch, quoting and invoicing capability, and real-time visibility on job status and staff location in the field, ServiceM8 streamlines the way businesses get work, complete work, and get paid.