It's about saving time and managing costs.

We’re excited to bring you another massive release. From new ways to access job information to insights into your profitability.

ServiceM8 for Apple Watch

Receive and reply to staff messages from your wrist, keep track of how long you’ve been on site, and view job details at a glance. Receive notifications about your next job so you know when you need to leave.

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3D Touch

Peek and Pop into your jobs.

Quickly review multiple jobs without opening them. Call the client or even navigate to the job without opening it. 

Job Costing

See a job’s profitability before, not after.

It's super-simple to use, providing you with estimated profit from start to finish on every job. 

Margin Billing

Bill on a percentage margin basis?
We’ve got you covered.

Add Cost and Margin columns to the job card. Quickly set material and labor prices based on margin.

Online Booking Enquiries

An online booking form for your customers. Setup takes minutes.

Enquiries from the Online Booking form arrive in your inbox ready to be converted to jobs. No more copy and pasting or manual data entry.

Photo Actions

Visual is better.
Communicate through photos.

Use third party apps to add annotations to photos. Communicate with your staff and customers easier and more effectively than ever before.

Online quote acceptance

Your customers can now view and accept your quotes online, or ask questions. You’ll be notified via email, with records stored in the job diary.

Auto Check In

ServiceM8 now detects when you arrive on site, and automatically checks you in if you forget. It also includes a completely re-designed GPS system, dramatically reducing battery usage and improving accuracy.

Smart job reminders

ServiceM8 takes travel distance and traffic into account and notifies you when to leave for your next job.

Recorded time editing

If staff forget to check in or out of a job, it’s now possible to correct check in data directly from the job card. You can also convert checked in time to charged labor at the click of a button.

Notification center support

Add ServiceM8 to your iOS Today view. Simply swipe down on your device at any time to see which job you're currently checked into, and your next appointment.

Access common tasks with quick actions

Clock on or off, navigate to your next job, and create new jobs – all from the ServiceM8 app icon.

Share photos

Draw diagrams in other apps, and share the file directly into your job diary without switching apps.

Interactive notifications

Swipe staff messages to reply, or swipe job reminders to navigate, without opening ServiceM8.

iOS keyboard shortcuts

Complete common tasks such as creating a new job, changing views or keying in information.