Visibility. Communication. Admin reduction.

This is the focus of ServiceM8 8.0. Greater visibility of job & staff status. Easier client communication. Better tools for office & field staff to work together. And more solutions to reduce & automate administration.

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2-way SMS

ServiceM8’s text messaging has always been great for reminding clients about booking times, sending quotes or following up invoices. But until now, clients haven’t been able to respond.

2-way SMS makes this a much more powerful communication channel with your clients. Clients can now reply to texts sent through ServiceM8, and even attach photos. Client replies can be viewed and answered from the job’s Diary, in both the ServiceM8 App & Online Dashboard.

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Multi-Staff Booking

Streamlining the booking of jobs which require more than one team member, new Multi-Staff Booking functionality means you can easily schedule multiple staff to a job at once.

When you drag-and-drop a team booking, all attached bookings will move with it. ServiceM8 will even suggest teams of staff you book together often, making multi-staff scheduling even faster.

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Multi-Staff Booking in the Field

The ability to schedule jobs to multiple staff members in a single, efficient workflow is also available in the ServiceM8 app.

Jobs can be assigned to multiple team members in the Job Booking view, identified in the job card, and can be dragged-and-dropped in the Schedule tab of the iPad app.

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Calendar Improvements

The Calendar in the Online Dashboard has been updated with a fresh colour scheme and better layout.

The job’s Suburb is now visible within each booking, and accessing more job information is easier via a single click. It’s also possible to click from one booking to the next, without closing the Edit Booking window. Try it out!

Improved App Calendar

In the ServiceM8 App, job numbers are now visible in the Calendar view of the Jobs tab, and it’s possible to scroll as far forward or back in this view as needed.

Booking Preview

Scheduling directly from a job card with Booking Suggestions is an efficient way of finding booking times which work for both your & your client.

Now, when you select a suggested time, you’ll also see a preview of how the booking would fit in with existing bookings, making it easier to confidently book the best time in a single, quick process.

Available in both the ServiceM8 App & Online Dashboard.

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GPS Improvements

A redesigned GPS system providing more consistent and accurate positioning information while using less battery power, helping you stay aware of staff movements and make smart job dispatch decisions.

Click a staff member's icon in the Dispatch Map online to get more information about their location.

Track My Arrival Improvements

The Track My Arrival Add-on has been updated with a fresh map interface for customers to track your progress toward them, and smarter GPS usage to improve location accuracy and the customer experience.

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Job & Staff Status

Being able to view job status & staff locations is a big part of how ServiceM8 enables efficient scheduling & informed management of customer expectations. So, we’ve taken this part of ServiceM8 to a new level.

With greater visibility of staff status in the Dispatch Map & Staff Schedule, you can now see exactly when a team member is navigating to a job, their estimated time of arrival, when they’re checked in to a job, how long they’ve been on site, and more.

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Check In Status

When you’re on-site and need to view past jobs or make a quick booking, it can take a moment to find your way back to the job you’re currently Checked In to.

With ServiceM8 8.0, when you’re Checked In to a job, it will display at the top of your jobs list in the List & Map views of the Jobs tab.

Simply tap the coloured bar to open the job for which you’re currently Checked In.

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Automated Time Tracking

ServiceM8 has always helped track shift times and time on site, but Clocking On/Off and Checking In/Out of jobs has required a conscious effort and is easy to forget.

ServiceM8’s new, intelligent time-tracking system automatically Clocks On & Off shifts, Checks In & Out of jobs throughout the day, and includes travel time from your previous location, using GPS and job data.

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Swipe Dismissal of Modal Views

With iOS 13, it’s now possible to dismiss several types of modal views throughout ServiceM8 by simply swiping down on them, making navigating the app with one hand faster & easier. Try it out with Job Cards, Filters, Forms, Emails and the Job Actions menu.

Business Dashboard Reports

A new dashboard in the Reports tab featuring snapshot reports on revenue, productivity and efficiency metrics over the last 28 days, and how they compare with the 28 days prior.

The Business Dashboard provides an instant, digestible view of key revenue and job stats to help identify issues or opportunities, and make it easy to consistently monitor important stats.

Job Time Improvements

The way Check-In data displays in the relevant job card Online has been updated to make it clearer. Previously, Check-In time included travel time to the job site.

Now, job time represents the total time Checked In to the job, excluding Travel Time. You can then hover the cursor over this figure to see a breakdown of travel time & time on site.

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Weekly Activity Report Improvements

The Weekly Activity Report which provides a snapshot of time spent Checked In to jobs vs. Not Checked In has been updated to include Travel Time, offering more insight into your scheduling efficiency and productivity.

The Weekly Activity Report Add-on can be activated in ServiceM8 Add-ons.

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Jobs & Revenue Report Improvements

Reports on Jobs and Revenue ‘By Month’ now display data on a Year on Year basis, providing better visibility into how job numbers and revenue compare with the same months last year, and insight into seasonal trends.

Jobs segmented by Job Status are still available under a new ‘By Status’ menu item.

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Dark Mode

The ServiceM8 8.0 App includes full support of iOS 13’s Dark Mode, making it easier to use your device and ServiceM8 in dark environments.

AR Measure Improvements

The app’s built-in AR (Augmented Reality) measuring tool has been updated with improved ground detection & an intuitive calibration process.

Dynamic Type Support Improvements

Dynamic text size support has been improved throughout the ServiceM8 app when you set your device to present text larger.

Improved Camera

Auto-focusing in the ServiceM8 camera has been improved to make focusing faster.

Staff Messaging Improvements

The ability to instant-message other team members through ServiceM8 has been updated, making this team communication feature easier to access and use in both the ServiceM8 App & Online Dashboard.

Staff messages are now accessible directly from the Activity tab of the ServiceM8 app, with unread messages being more prominent.

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Staff Tagging

If you need certain team members to know or respond to something in ServiceM8, it’s now possible to actively tag them in a job’s Diary or an Activity Feed post. Relevant staff members will receive a notification that they’ve been tagged.

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Smart Notes

Phone numbers, job numbers, email addresses & URL’s in Diary notes, Activity Feed posts, and Knowledge Articles can now be tapped and actioned.

This means you can link to specific jobs, record a phone number in the job Diary and simply tap to call, post a link with important info in the Activity Feed for staff to check out, or easily access contact details unrelated to specific jobs/clients in Knowledge Articles, and more.

Available in the ServiceM8 App & Online Dashboard.

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Photo Markup

It’s now possible to mark up job photos directly in ServiceM8, with a range of pen types and colours, and even a ruler for drawing straight lines. Simply open a photo, tap the markup icon, and draw. A separate, marked-up version of the photo will be saved to the job Diary.

Photo Markup also supports use with Apple Pencil, which allows much greater accuracy & detail.

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Forms Photo Markup

The ability to mark up photos directly in the ServiceM8 app extends to photos taken while completing a Form. This is great for clarifying or communicating details in photos which are being captured as part of a checklist or report.

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Diagram Improvements

It’s been possible to draw diagrams with the ServiceM8 iPad app for some time, which is great for sketching things out for a job and recording them safely to the Diary.

In ServiceM8 8.0, we’ve added support for a range of drawing tools, including a variety of pen types, colours, and a ruler! And with Apple Pencil support, it’s possible to draw with even greater detail & accuracy.

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Diagram for iPhone

The ability to draw and save diagrams is now available in the iPhone app through the job actions menu (the ‘+’ icon) in job cards.

Home Tab Improvements

The Home tab of the Online Dashboard has been updated, making it easier to use. Tasks are now displayed on the right, and jobs can be opened directly from a Task.

Notifications Improvements

Notifications about scheduling of future jobs have been reduced, as they cluttered the Notifications tab and affected its utility.

Automated Supplier Import

Keeping your Materials & Services database up-to-date is repetitive and time-consuming, so we’ve automated a key part of this task with the new Automated Supplier Import Add-on.

If you receive regular price list updates from suppliers & manufacturers you use, you can provide them with an account-specific email address. Whenever they send an updated price file, it will automatically import into ServiceM8 and update your item details & pricing.

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SMS Quotes & Invoices

After generating a Quote or Invoice from a job card Online, it’s now possible to issue it by SMS as well as Email, straight from the preview window.

Default Quote & Invoice SMS templates have also been added, which can be customised in Settings > SMS Templates.

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Preview Email Attachments

When drafting emails from a job card Online, it’s now possible to click & open attachments after they’ve been added, making it quick & easy to ensure you’re attaching the right file prior to sending.

Customer Payment Terms

The ability to set non-default payment terms for specific clients is now a default option in all accounts, with new options to set ‘20 days EOM’ & ‘30 days EOM’ terms if needed.

Payment terms set on a client will sync the correct payment due date in your connected accounting package, and any payment follow-up automations you’ve set in ServiceM8 will also align with the set term.

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Asset Label Replacement

ServiceM8 7.0 saw the introduction of the Asset Management Add-on, transforming the way businesses can catalogue, service & report on client assets, installations and equipment.

Now, if an asset’s QR Code label is damaged or removed, it’s possible to replace it with a new label linked to the original asset record.

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Edit Forms

Typos and grammatical errors can happen when completing Forms, which cause issues and look unprofessional. Until now, fixing these has required completing the entire Form all over again, which is time-consuming.

Now, content in free-text fields of Forms can be edited, Online and in the App. A new PDF version of the Form will be saved, with a full version history available Online.

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Automated Timesheet Export

The Timesheet Sync Add-on has provided the ability to sync Clock On & Off times to a connected accounting package for some time, but this involved a manual export process.

With 8.0, this becomes the Automated Timesheet Sync Add-on, automating the export of staff shift times to your accounting package as a timesheet every week.

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Edit Notes

If you need to update or amend a note saved to a job Diary, it’s now possible to edit it. An edited Diary note will display as ‘Edited’, with a full version history available.

Improved Work Order Scanning

More PDF types are now supported to automatically scan and extract job information from PDF work orders sent to your ServiceM8 Inbox.

Improved Client & Material Search

The speed at which clients & materials are searched in the job card online has been improved.