October 15, 2018

ServiceM8 Launches Asset Management

15 October 2018, Darwin, Australia – ServiceM8, a job management app on iOS, has launched an Asset Management add-on to its platform that allows trade contractors and home service businesses to easily track and catalogue items inside a home or business that require regular inspection or maintenance, such as fire extinguishers, compressors or bait traps.

With the new add-on, a service provider can tag an object with a special QR code if they want to track and manage it as a client asset. They can then pair the QR code to a new asset item in their ServiceM8 account, along with a photo, the item’s details, and its location on site.

When it is time to inspect, replace or repair client assets, field technicians can locate them on the map, scan the QR label to pull up all the information on an item, and complete electronic paperwork if necessary. The Asset Management add-on allows service providers to view an item’s service history, fill out new maintenance forms and generate PDF reports about client assets.

The Asset Management add-on can be used by a variety of field service businesses, such as:

  • HVAC technicians — air conditioners, condensers & fridge compressors
  • Fire safety specialists — fire extinguishers, smoke alarms & hose reels
  • Pest control experts — bait stations & traps
  • Solar panel installers — solar & control panels
  • Roller door & access control — roller doors & gate points
  • Appliance specialists — domestic & commercial appliances
  • Locksmiths & security — safes, security cameras & control panels

In addition to the QR codes unlocking all the information for a given item, by scanning one item’s QR Code using the ServiceM8 camera, a service provider can then view and locate all other tagged items on site in Augmented Reality, offering a quick, unique and intuitive method of locating all items on that site.

ServiceM8’s CEO Kim Ford says the Asset Management add-on will make life easier for businesses which install and service equipment.

“The ability to create a piece of equipment or asset against a client in ServiceM8, save its location on site, record its details, and complete customisable installation or maintenance forms is something which will transform the way they carry out this kind of work and manage these assets,” Mr Ford said. “Not only does it provide a much more structured and efficient system for managing client-specific assets, but it also enables these businesses to focus, value-add and grow on their services around these kinds of assets they install or maintain for clients.”

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About ServiceM8:

ServiceM8 is an app for contractors & home services like electricians, plumbers, locksmiths & cleaners. With powerful scheduling, communication, job notes & photos, invoicing & on-site payments, ServiceM8 frees field service businesses from paperwork to run a more productive, professional operation, and enjoy a better lifestyle.

Field staff use the software via a native app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The ServiceM8 app is exclusive to Apple mobile devices.

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