Phoenix, USA

Realty Rekey

"All I can say is I hope ServiceM8 never goes away. We live, eat and breathe it everyday!"

Dan Legge

Top 3 Features

SMS Notifications

ServiceM8 notifies the client that we are on the way, and the customer has the ability to log on and see the GPS location of our staff.


We manage lock boxes on foreclosed homes. With the picture feature we can document how the box and site look upon leaving, to prove no initial damage or vandalism.


Using the app I don’t have to manually type in job information into another invoicing system.

Tell us about your business and why you decided to try ServiceM8?

Realty Rekey specialises in both the commercial and residential locksmith industries. We employ over 25 skilled technicians, and have grown exponentially over the past year and a half with the help of ServiceM8.

Originally I was using Gmail and manually updating all job/client information. All the information was not logged in to one simple system; and therefore, not as effective as ServiceM8. The app saves us time and money, which has allowed us to expand from 1 state, to 8 states and 13 metropolitan areas in less than 2 years.

How does ServiceM8 help save time?

It streamlines a lot of our day to day processes. For instance, we can invoice on site, and no longer waste money and time duplicating job information into a separate invoicing system.

As a matter of fact, ServiceM8 saves me nearly $2000 per month! Before I needed two people to manage dispatches and invoices for 1500+ jobs per year. With the help of ServiceM8, I employ 1 dispatch person, and complete over 30,000 jobs yearly.  

How has ServiceM8 enhanced your business?

We give our clients access to our ServiceM8 accounts. This allows us to be 100% transparent with our clients; which leads to a higher customer satisfaction rate.

I am even starting my own locksmith school and will be teaching people all about the ServiceM8 program. Rather than using multiple programs to complete different services of a job, I will promote ServiceM8 and all of its useful features that make it the true, all-in-one package.