Security Services
Sydney, Australia

Havensafe, Corpsec & Geoffrey Australia

"ServiceM8 is an integral part of our business. We couldn’t work without it."

Graeme House

Top 3 Features

Easy to use

There was zero training needed for our staff to use the App.


We now have the ability to stay up to date with the progress of all current jobs, and keep record of previous ones so we can guarantee industry prices for clients.


ServiceM8 templates allow me to homogenize all of my invoices, resulting in more professionalism for my businesses.

Tell us about your business

“I actually use SM8 for all 3 of my businesses and I couldn’t be happier."

Havensafe A security installation and maintenance company that uses ServiceM8 to allocate jobs to overseas vendors.

Corpsec A security consultant for major Australian clients.

Geoffrey Australia Imports selected security products from overseas.

I was using Outlook Tasks to keep some sort of log and that didn’t work. I needed a program that enabled me to see jobs, keep me up to date with jobs, and allow for communications with Sydney and Canberra for accounting purposes.


Has ServiceM8 brought about time efficiencies?

It could take a couple days, weeks, or even a month to get a report to a client. Now, we can invoice, report, get payment and signature from client immediately on site. It has increased our cash flow, and our business is more efficient.

It has definitely reduced our admin time as a direct result of the standardization of our invoices. Plus, it enables our finance department to double check pricing. Our onsite staff used to come up with all kinds of crazy prices. Now we can ensure pricing is up to date and realistic based on industry prices from previous jobs.


How has ServiceM8 enhanced your business?

It has given us a platform from which we can professionally supply services and even standardize our services. I have modified a number of forms to be able to create purchase orders and do reports.