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Gold Coast, Australia

Crystal IT Solutions

"I really don’t know how we did business in the past without it. Who could imagine going back to our old system? Not me."

Mark Chaberman

Top 3 Features

GPS Dispatch Map

Now I can see exactly where my employees are relative to the jobs.

Instant Invoicing

We can now instantly create an invoice and capture customer signatures on site.


We have the ability to store every aspect of a job in the cloud, including photos, notes and conversations which help protect our business in discrepancies with clients.

Tell us about your business

Crystal IT Solutions is an IT service provider who aim to be the best supplier of I.T. services to small and medium size companies in Australia, by maintaining a highly personalised service, and ensuring attention to detail at every level.

We have had a challenge for many years in managing our field workforce in terms of job bookings and communications, job progress and job status (completed or ongoing work). And, we were double handling of a lot of paperwork.

Paperwork on site would have to be done again in the office and then re-entered for accounting purposes. So finally I just said, “there has got to be a better way to do it”

How do you find the accuracy and compatibility of your accounting and administration using ServiceM8?

We used to have a full time staff member reentering all hand written job sheets from the field into the accounting system so that invoices could be issued. Then we would just wait to be paid.

Now, invoices are all completed by the field worker and signed off by the client, and in many cases payment is received on the spot.

How has ServiceM8 enhanced your business?

I can see a dual benefit Firstly, ServiceM8 has streamlined our invoicing and receipt process, which has resulted in less administration work from 8hrs/day to 2hrs/day! Now we have more admin time available to value add to our business, such as follow up work with clients. This leads to more customer satisfaction.

Secondly, the standardised invoices and more time for following up with clients adds to our company’s professionalism.