Electrical Services
Gold Coast, Australia

BWE Electrical

"ServiceM8 has cut our administration time by over 50%!"

Jade Wortmann

Top 3 Features


The mobility of the App is amazing. With ServiceM8 I can schedule a job on the go or in the office.


Am able to track the progress of every job we have ever conducted and even view the pictures attached with that job.


The App synchs very well with Xero accounting software, which saves us time, and in turn, produces more profit.

Tell us about your business

Bone and Wortmann Electrical is a Gold Coast based company specialising in general electrical servicing and maintenance.

We found ServiceM8 on the iTunes App Store. We had been using a different App and we weren’t entirely happy with its functionality. We found ServiceM8 was compatible with iPhones and iPads and decided that was enough for us to give it a shot.

A year and 6 new employees later, we have a thriving electrical business because ServiceM8 gives us the ability to organise and track all jobs.

Has ServiceM8 brought about time efficiencies for your business?

ServiceM8 has actually cut our admin time by over 50%! I’ve gone from spending 4-5 days in the office to only spending 2.

With ServiceM8 templates, I can create an invoice on the spot and email or post it immediately. It really is that simple and easy.

I also don’t waste time searching for repeat-customer information, or previously estimated quotes for similar jobs. ServiceM8 stores all of this information online, which can be accessed by all employees. This makes job progress tracking effective and easy.

How has ServiceM8 enhanced your business?

We have had trouble in the past keeping track of previous jobs, but with ServiceM8 we can guarantee a job won’t slip through the cracks again.