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Online Booking System

Create advanced online booking forms for your business’s services, allowing customers to get a live quote, select a time, then book a job straight into your schedule, without interacting with your business directly.

How it works

Select service

Customers select from your available services.

Complete questions

They answer questions relating to that service.

  • Customize the questions for each service.
  • Set questions to show based on previous questions.
Select a time

Prices and possible booking times are presented.

Complete booking

Customers enter their details and book the service in.

Job creation

The job is created & automatically scheduled to a staff member.

Online bookings for your customers, 24/7

Enable customers to book your services online, day or night. Online booking forms are convenient for customers, and remove all the admin involved in quoting, confirming & scheduling a job.

Intelligent quoting

Teach ServiceM8 the questions & answers you use to price your services. Answers provided by customers while filling out the form determine the price they’re quoted.

Smart scheduling

Set which staff are capable of performing a particular service. ServiceM8 analyses their schedules when presenting possible booking times to customers online, taking into account other bookings & travel time.

Easy setup

With your online booking forms hosted by ServiceM8 for free, all you need to do is configure how you want them to work, then link to them from your website or social media profiles.

Flexible features

Manual Approval

Set minimum & maximum criteria so smaller jobs are worthwhile, and let you review larger bookings before a price is quoted.

Travel Surcharge

Set a travel distance perimeter from your office location, beyond which quoted prices can include a travel surcharge.

Booking Windows

Allow customers to browse exact booking times (e.g. 9:30am), or booking ‘windows’ (9:00am - 10:00am).

Flexible Outcomes

Don’t want customers to book jobs? Instead, you can configure forms so customers can book an on-site quote, or simply submit an enquiry.

Website Hosting

ServiceM8 hosts your booking forms, meaning all you need to do is direct customers to them from your website, emails or social media.

Flexible Questions

Use a mix of multiple choice, numeric, free text and photo questions, so customers provide the info you need.

Smart Discounts

Set a discount you’re willing to offer to incentivise possible booking times which would optimise your scheduling.

Facebook & Google

Track visits & conversions of your Booking Pages from sources linked to Google or Facebook tracking ID’s.

Confirmation Emails

Customers who book one of your services online will receive an automatic confirmation email.

Online Booking Payment

Require a deposit or full pre-payment for services your customers book online. Deposits can be a fixed amount, or percentage of the total.

Empower your own staff to quote

Since you’ve systemised how you price & schedule your services, less experienced staff in your business can use the system to confidently quote & schedule jobs without referring to senior staff.