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Electrical Services
Melbourne, Australia

Verve Electrical

“The biggest benefit of ServiceM8 is it's made our scheduling and communication with the client instantaneous, on the spot, instead of that delay you'd normally have.”

Joey Esterhuyzen

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Verve Electrical is an electrical contracting business in Melbourne specialising in domestic electrical installation and maintenance work, including air conditioning, lighting, data, security cameras, switchboard upgrades & renovations. They also assist commercial clients such as real estate agents and childcare centres with their electrical safety and compliance requirements. 

With a strong focus on customer service, communication and professionalism, owner & director Joey Esterhuyzen has used ServiceM8 from Day 1 of the business to scale Verve Electrical from a one-man-band to a team of seven, all the while delivering the highest level of service for their clients.

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Joey Esterhuyzen

Joey Esterhuyzen

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