Pest Control
Adelaide, Australia

Jim's Pest Control

"I used to spend 2 hours on each site inspection & another hour on reports. Now I save time by starting reports wherever, whenever."

Rob Hore

Top 3 Features


I have the ability to be more professional in front of the customer by personalising his/her experience with the history of their jobs.


With ServiceM8 I have the ability to operate my business anytime, anyplace.

Access to invoices

If a customer has misplaced an invoice, I can look up their job, adjust the invoice and send it to them immediately. No office needed.

Tell us about your business

Jim’s Pest Control is a franchised company providing customers with quick and effective pest maintenance.

For about 11 years I used a paper diary for scheduling, and even used another App called ‘Invoice to Go’. I also lugged around a camera from site to site to use as evidence in reports. It was frustrating.

I needed an all in one system for invoicing and data storage. My franchisor, who has been in a similar industry, recommended I try ServiceM8.

How do you find the compatibility of your accounting and administration using ServiceM8?

We use Xero and find the compatibility flawless. ServiceM8 cuts back a lot on my admin time.

For example, my accountant’s bill used to be $250 a quarter, because it of the time it would take to trudge through piles of paperwork. Now he can just go into XERO, no papers needed, and get the job done in less time which results in a much smaller $130 fee for me.

I also used to buy boxes of envelopes and a box of stamps at least two times a month. Now, I hardly ever mail invoices to customers. It’s all done via email. There are still boxes of stamps here from over 6 months ago! I’m saving myself $120 in stamps every month, which buys me another 300-400 jobs with ServiceM8.

How has ServiceM8 enhanced your business?

When I talk to other colleagues who use paper notebooks, I wonder how they survive. I ask, how do you remember what you charge customers? I know I am appropriately billing customers as a result of the history feature of ServiceM8. I show all of my colleagues how it works, and even show customers!

The service industry all over the world severely lacks communication with the customers. With ServiceM8, I can SMS my customer to remind them of their appointment with “ROB”, and tell them to notify us via our office number if anything changes. Plus, I can send another SMS notification when “ROB” is 15 min away. Customers are amazed at being kept informed.