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Electrical Services

ADAZ Electrical

"I choose ServiceM8 because it allows me to take control of my business with forward planning and time management options."

Darren Clancy

Top 3 Features


With ServiceM8 we have the ability to invoice on site and distribute to the client immediately following the completion of a job.


It is easy to track the status of a job via the App rather than disrupt staff who are busy working on site.

Job Creation

I can create a job on the road, on site, or in the office by using my phone or computer.

Tell us about your business

Adaz Electrical provides a comprehensive range of electrical services for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. We are a local Central Coast Business that prides itself on quality workmanship, dedication to detail and commitment to all our work undertaken.

About two years ago we began on our search online for a program or App that was iPhone compatible and easy to understand. We found what we were looking for with ServiceM8. My business is able to effectively and efficiently track the appropriate billable hours of work completed on each job.

How do you find the accuracy and compatibility of your accounting and administration using ServiceM8?

ServiceM8 integrates nicely with MYOB accounting software, however I have had some hiccups along the way. I contacted ServiceM8’s IT team, and I was really pleased with the quickness and effectiveness of the technical support and assistance that I received.

How has ServiceM8 enhanced your business?

There are no jobs forgotten, invoices are done more promptly, and navigation is easier. My staff members can spend less time trying to navigate to a job site, and spend more time getting the job done. Also admin is much easier, as I can monitor all work and jobs through my computer or phone.

Now I am able to effectively track and monitor each job and its associated reports, which results in appropriate billable hours to clients. I highly recommend ServiceM8 because the App gives me the ability to run my business better.

Darren Clancy

Darren Clancy

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