Mobile Payment

Take payments anywhere directly through the ServiceM8 app, and even allow your customers to pay online.

Take Payments

Taking payments is easy. Enter the credit card details and hit ‘Charge Card’.

SMS Invoicing

Send your customers an email or SMS invoice and they can pay directly through a web browser.

What does it cost?

You will be charged 30c + 1.95% to 3.2% per transaction. The transaction fee varies per country. There are no monthly fees or setup costs.

Find out pricing for your country

Stripe is a payment service available in 17 countries.

ServiceM8 has integrated with Stripe to provide mobile payments.

How it works.


Take payment

You take payment from the customer either through the app or online through SMS/Email invoicing.


Payment is held

Stripe holds payment for 7 days to ensure the money clears.
The length depends on your country.


You get paid

The payment is transferred into your nominated bank account, minus the transaction fees.

How do I get Mobile Payments?

Fill out a single page form and you’ll be up and running in 5 minutes.

ServiceM8 3.0

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