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6 Reasons Why Business Owners Choose ServiceM8

ServiceM8 on iPhone and MacBook

1. Our App is Exceptional

The most important part of job management software is the mobile app — when you work in the field, the app is what you actually use, day in, day out. The app is what makes the biggest difference.

The app needs to work as fast as you do, not slow you down. It needs to be easy to use, so your staff actually use it. It needs to be powerful, so you can finish all job admin on site, not after hours.

It needs to have everything to truly let you manage your business, from anywhere. 

This is why we obsess over making the ServiceM8 app exceptional.

ServiceM8 on 3 iPhones

Our app is clean and simple. This makes ServiceM8 easy to learn, and efficient to use in the field. It means your staff will actually use it (and like it). Compare the ease of using the ServiceM8 app to the alternatives. 

Our app is lightning fast. Every tap gives a smooth, instant result, making it super-quick to get stuff done. Don't settle for an app where you're standing around waiting for loading spinners every time you tap a button! Compare the speed and experience of using the ServiceM8 app to the alternatives. 

Our app is powerful. Deceptively powerful. With the ServiceM8 app, you can literally complete all job paperwork on site, invoice the client, take payment, and approve everything to your accounting package. You can also create and schedule jobs, keep track of staff & their status, and manage client communication, and much more. You can literally run your business from anywhere. Compare the power of the ServiceM8 app with the alternatives.

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2. We Keep it Simple

Check out some ServiceM8 reviews and you'll see how often words like "simple", "intuitive" and "easy to use" come up.

Making the best job management software is not about complexity, or features. It's about making solutions, to real life problems.

We design ServiceM8 to solve your problems, in the simplest possible way, every time. This keeps ServiceM8 intuitive, effective, and efficient to use, all day, every day.

We don't claim to have the most complex features. You won't find endless options and preferences. If there are several valid ways to do something, we'll make a call and design it to work one way, to keep it simple. It's about the outcome and solving the problem, not getting bogged down in the process.

3. We Focus on Small Business

ServiceM8 is specifically made for small trade contractors & service businesses.

A large business with 50 staff has hugely different requirements to a small business of 5, 10 or 15 staff. Software companies that try to cater for all business sizes will inevitably focus on their large (highest value) customers.

We've always designed ServiceM8 for small businesses, from sole traders up to 20 staff.

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"What attracted us to ServiceM8 the most was probably how easy it was to set up. To be honest, it took us no more than 2 hours to set up."

Grant Cochrane
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4. We Make it Easy to Get Started

ServiceM8 is free to trial, and easy to learn — on your own. You can create a free trial account today, and be trying ServiceM8 in your business tomorrow.

No waiting around. No pushy sales people. No surprises.

You can try the full ServiceM8 product, for free, and decide if it’s right for you before subscribing. If you need more time, just ask us and we’ll extend your trial.

ServiceM8 Partner with tradesman

We have a Getting Started Guide on basic account setup, and how to trial ServiceM8 efficiently. From there, the Learning Roadmap series of videos takes you through all the basics, so you can get going ASAP.

Prefer to hire an expert?
We have independent ServiceM8 Partners across New Zealand, offering consultation, setup and training services, so you can streamline the setup process and hit the ground running.

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5. We Never Stop Innovating

Innovation is part of our brand — ask anyone that uses ServiceM8.

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With us, you can expect true innovation, and continuous improvement. You can expect the real-world application of the latest mobile and cloud technology, in your day-to-day business.

You can count on ServiceM8 to evolve with the times, and keep you ahead.

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6. We Put Customer Success First

ServiceM8 is not a "typical" software company. We're a private company, like yours, built and grown under our own steam from Day 1. This means no stock market shareholders or venture capitalists calling the shots — we don't answer to suits and money people.

We put customer success first.

Why? It's simple, really. We focus on making the best job management software we can for our customers, to help them succeed. Because when our customers succeed, our success naturally follows.

Making a great product is the best strategy, so that's what we do.

Want an example? We make our app for iPhone & iPad, only — there's no Android app for ServiceM8. Why? Because it's how we make the best job management solution, for you. Supporting both iOS and Android might seem convenient, but it involves compromises that only make software worse. Other companies make these compromises to maximise their market. We don't. We prioritise making the best solution — we prioritise customer success.

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