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Integrum Services

"ServiceM8 has moved us a long way from the days of paperwork and spreadsheets. Our technicians can now view their jobs for the day and be updated whenever our office staff add more jobs to the list."

Peter Bowers-Davis

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We asked Peter Bowers-Davis, Director of Integrum Services, about their story and using ServiceM8 in their business.

About Integrum Services

Integrum Services is a pest control company based in the South of England, servicing areas such as London and Surrey. Our services range from domestic pest control, bird control & proofing, solar panel bird proofing and commercial pest control for airports, education, health, offices and food.

We've had the pleasure of providing our services to British Airways at both Heathrow and Gatwick airport, BBC, Fine & Country, Raven Housing Trust, IAG cargo and many more.

What do you think has driven Integrum Services' success?

Over the years, we've grown substantially by providing a personal family service level while having the ability to operate nationally. It helps that our team are experts in pest control, with over 70 years combined pest management experience.

Integrum Services truck

We're also the first choice when choosing a pest management provider in the South and nationally for the airport and aviation pest control, with sites at Gatwick, Heathrow and Birmingham and availability to cover any civil or NATO airport in the UK.

Before ServiceM8, how did you run your business, and what was it like?

Before ServiceM8, a lot of what we did was on spreadsheets, and we all know how difficult this can be to manage. Scheduling jobs and managing staff through spreadsheets was troublesome. We found that we struggled to see if we were productive throughout the day.

Why did you make the change to ServiceM8?

We decided to make the switch to ServiceM8 after researching for a field software solution that would be suitable for a pest control company. We needed software that would help us schedule jobs from the initial client call through to invoicing and payment.

How has ServiceM8 helped?

ServiceM8 has moved us a long way from the days of paperwork and spreadsheets. Our technicians can now view their jobs for the day and be updated whenever our office staff add more jobs to the list.

The most significant benefit we have found is that we can get paid directly on-site for jobs. Before, domestic jobs like solar panel bird proofing would have to be invoiced, and then payment collected at a later date - this has dramatically benefited our cashflow.

Pest management at airport

Does ServiceM8 help with your service & communication with clients?

YES, communication and reporting are essential in the pest control industry, and one that can be challenging.

For domestic jobs, we can text customers confirming appointments – dramatically reducing the number of cancellations we used to have.

How has the way you communicate & work as a team changed?

Our office staff love the benefits of working as a team through ServiceM8. They're able to direct technicians on what they need to do for the day and check that they have completed work to the standard we expect.

What's your favourite feature?

Our favourite feature of ServiceM8 has to be Recurring Jobs. A lot of the work that takes place in the pest control industry is at set intervals. Recurring Jobs allows us to make sure staff are aware of the responsibilities they have to complete, and the reminders make sure they don't forget!

What's the future look like for Integrum Services?

We've just started offering a revolutionary bird-scaring technology called Bird Alert, providing our clients with a 24/7 solution to automatically detect and scare pest birds using an advanced microphone system. So, the future looks bold for Integrum Services.

Bird Alert device

For more information about Integrum Services and their pest management solutions, check out

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Peter Bowers-Davis

Peter Bowers-Davis

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