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Getting Started with ServiceM8 Phone

Ready to transform calls with ServiceM8 Phone? Follow this quick-start guide and you’ll be up and running fast.



Set how you want ServiceM8 Phone to work in your business.


Install the App & Chrome Extension

Download the software on the devices you want to make & receive calls.


Test Drive ServiceM8 Phone

Try it out by making some calls, through the app & online.

Note your ServiceM8 Phone number

Your ServiceM8 number is visible online in Settings > ServiceM8 Phone.

Call your ServiceM8 number

Call your new number from a separate phone. Try answering via the app, then online.

Make some calls from the ServiceM8 Phone app

Call a teammate’s number from the ServiceM8 Phone app.

Make some calls from ServiceM8 Phone online

Call a teammate’s number through the ServiceM8 online dashboard.

Try forwarding calls to your ServiceM8 Phone number

If you’ll want to keep using your existing business number, try diverting it to your ServiceM8 Phone number.

Don’t need to keep an existing number? Skip this step.


Final steps

Prepare to go live with ServiceM8 Phone.

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