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Bank-grade Security

Protecting your data is fundamental to everything we do. We have invested in industry-leading infrastructure and constantly strive to ensure your data is always secure.

Amazon Web Services

We have chosen Amazon Web Services to host the ServiceM8 platform. Amazon is the industry leader in cloud infrastructure with world class, highly secure data centres.

Learn more about Amazon's Security

Automatic backups

Your account is backed up every five minutes to secure ServiceM8 servers in multiple locations around the world.

You can also make daily backups of your account, which can be downloaded as a Zip file.

Class-leading up time

Being able to depend on the quality and reliability of a field service solution is crucial for small business. Time is money, and your business needs to be able to rely on it being accessible anywhere, all the time, without fail.

ServiceM8 was built from the ground up to have enterprise-class reliability.

Bank-grade security

ServiceM8's servers are secured by SSL Certificates issued by Amazon, so all data transferred between users and ServiceM8 is encrypted, including data transferred to iPhone® and iPad® devices. The encryption is the same as used for Internet banking.

ServiceM8 stores your data in multiple locations around the world, including the United States, Australia, Ireland, Singapore and Tokyo. ServiceM8 in Australia administers data access and service delivery.

iPhone & iPad Data

In the event that one of your devices is lost or stolen, access to your ServiceM8 account through that device can
be removed immediately. All data on your iPhone
or iPad is encrypted, provided an Apple passcode
has been set on the device.

ServiceM8 on iPad and iPhone

Two-Step Authentication

ServiceM8's Two-Step Authentication provides an additional layer of security, requiring the entry of a code sent to your mobile device when you log in or perform certain actions.

Account Activity

A 90-day log of activity within your account, providing visibility of who is accessing your ServiceM8 account & when, and significant actions or changes.