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Motivate to Enhance Franchise Network

Encourage excellence within your franchise network and increase business performance by actioning simple & clear real-time reports, observing franchisee performance benchmarks and identifying opportunities for improvement with clear and simple to read real-time reports.

Multiple Reports

Real-time Dashboard

Gain a detailed overview of your franchise network performance at a glance. Customise the layout of your dashboard for instant access to the business insights that matter most to you.

Real-Time Dashboard

Rich Analytics & Reports

Access reports for every part of your business, from individual franchisees to the overall network performance.

Create custom reports to view your business performance data the way that you need. Filter your reports down to specific regions or even franchisees to view precise data.

Download and share your reports amongst your business stakeholders or franchise network. Gain metric insights of your successes, identify misses and outline plans for the future of your business.

Individual Franchisee Performance Report

Benchmark Franchisee Performance

Compare multiple performance benchmarks (jobs completed, profits, customer satisfaction etc.) between franchisees to identify your top performers.

Reward positive outcomes and offer guidance to poor performers to increase the profitability of your network.

Benchmark Franchisee Reports

Customer Feedback

View customer feedback to gain insights into the standard of service your franchisees are providing.

Use the information to improve the overall customer experience or get in contact with unsatisfied customers to resolve issues. Recognise and reward franchisees that are delivering exceptional customer service.

Communicate positive customer feedback to your entire franchise network to encourage positive performance.

Customer Feedback Form

How safe is your business with GeoOp?

GeoOp has had multiple changes in management and is focused on investor interest, ServiceM8 remains focused on small business.


  • Same management team since launch in 2010
  • Same pricing since launch in 2010
  • Focused on helping small business

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