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Manage Your Franchise Network

Access individual franchisee accounts anytime to support their performance. Improve call centre staff productivity by allowing them to manage enquiries and schedules on one screen. Enable your franchisees to deliver faster service by using our auto-routing feature. Work smarter with ServiceM8.

Franchise Network

Franchisee Solution

Managing a franchise business has never been simpler. Schedule, dispatch and communicate with your employees in real-time using the live activity feed. Use checklists and tasks to ensure that you comply with your franchise network standards and complete jobs right the first time. Access your daily schedule and appointments from anywhere. 


Efficient Call Centre Management

Call centre staff can accept multiple phone bookings at once, then instantly allocate enquiries to franchises based on area divisions.

Track and manage prospective clients from first call to franchisee job-completion using the dashboard. Send information between the call centre and franchisee instantly to seamlessly answer customer enquiries about existing jobs.

Call Centre Management

Region Allocation

Distribute jobs to franchisees in the way that is best suited to your network. Allocations can be by closest franchise, postcodes of KML files, whereby your chosen regions are indicated on a map.

Region Allocation Software

Online Bookings

Allow customers to request jobs directly through your website by embedding your booking form online.

Once a request comes through, enquiries will be automatically routed to the correct franchise dependent on regional allocations.

Custom Online Booking Form

Access Individual Franchisee Accounts

Head office has the ability to access any franchise account and find detailed information about its
performance including client details, job history and real-time staff locations anywhere, anytime.

Franchise Network Accounts

How safe is your business with GeoOp?

GeoOp has had multiple changes in management and is focused on investor interest, ServiceM8 remains focused on small business.


  • Same management team since launch in 2010
  • Same pricing since launch in 2010
  • Focused on helping small business

Access data securely online, anywhere

Never lose bookings due to lost job-information, all client and job details are stored safely in the cloud. 

ServiceM8 accounts are automatically synced to bank-grade encrypted data- centers, so that no-one can access your data but you.

ServiceM8 Cloud Accessibility

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